Tiliqua is a powerful, hackable FPGA-based audio multitool for Eurorack.


  • Based on Lattice ECP5 FPGA, supported by open-source FPGA toolchains.
  • 128MBit SPI flash + 128MBit HyperRAM (for long audio buffers!)
  • USB C usr: USB2 PHY connected directly to FPGA for high-speed USB Audio support.
  • USB C dbg: Included RP2040-based JTAG debugger.
  • MIDI IN + MIDI OUT jacks.
  • 8 (4 in + 4 out) DC-coupled audio channels, 192KHz / 32bit sampling supported.
  • Touch and proximity sensing on all unused audio jacks (8 max).
  • PWM-controlled, user-programmable red/green LEDs on each audio channel.
  • Jack insertion detection on input & output jacks.
  • 2x expansion ports (PMOD compatible) for up to 24 simultaneous audio channels (with extra eurorack-pmods).


This module is still in development.

Trying to create something like the o_C (ornament & crime) for FPGAs :)

Aiming for release some time in Q3 2024.