get started in FPGA-based audio synthesis


First batch now shipping! Order one here. Follow module development on GitHub.

eurorack-pmod is

  • A certified open hardware Eurorack-compatible module compatible with many FPGA development boards. (Though an iCEBreaker FPGA is strongly recommended when getting started as all the examples support it out-of-the-box).
  • Various example DSP cores. Examples include calibration, sampling, effects, synthesis sources and so on. The design files can be synthesized to a bitstream using Yosys' oss-cad-suite.
  • A VCV Rack plugin so you can simulate your Verilog designs in a completely virtual modular system, no hardware required.


  • 3HP module compatible with modular synthesizer systems.
    • Module depth is 47mm with both ribbon cables attached.
  • PMOD connector compatible with many FPGA development boards.
  • 8 (4 in + 4 out) DC-coupled audio channels, 192KHz / 32bit sampling supported.
  • PWM-controlled, user-programmable red/green LEDs on each output channel.
  • Jack insertion detection on input & output jacks.
  • Calibration EEPROM for unique ID and storing calibration data.